My name is Jenna and I am a slightly neurotic, uptight bundle of nerves with an affinity for books, films, fine art, museums, Scrabble, baking, sci-fi, my puppies and movie soundtracks. I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing 99.9% of the time, but who does? Likely a lot of people, but I’ve always found their cool, calm and collected demeanour suspect at best.

My face is an open book which means I will never be a world class poker superstar. I have exactly one party trick which, coincidentally, is also a debilitating effect of my social ineptness. If I get flustered enough, the heat radiating from the blood pooling in my cheeks makes my glasses fog up. Self-induced lens fog! All you eyeglass-wearers out there, just think about walking inside on a cold winter day. Awful foggy lenses, amirite?! But I digress…

I run on coffee and red wine, lots of coffee and red wine (thought not Chianti, because that always makes me think of Hannibal Lecter). I’m part anxious Gen Y Millenial, part obstinate 90-year-old woman, which is why I’ve appropriately titled this record of my misadventures  Panic/Cope/Live/Happy.

The Miscellanous Bits

I live in the frozen wasteland known as Canada (just kidding, we have four seasons, folks).
I was born on a Canadian Armed Forces base in Lahr, Germany.
I have a Master’s degree in English Literature.
I wear bifocals.
I’m almost one whole quarter of a century old (my birthday is in September if you’d like to buy me something).
I don’t have one favourite book, I have about fifty.
I loathe country music.
I’ve been learning to knit for six years. Very little progress has been made.
I like to fence! I’m bad at virtually all conventional sports, especially team sports.