What is writing? Writing is hard.

Here’s a catch 22 for you: describe writing. I want to say that it’s difficult, but the term ‘difficult’ doesn’t seem to accurately represent how challenging it is to come up with a compelling idea, to craft an engaging plot with dynamic characters, and to put that story into words. I struggle to find the words to write words down on paper or, more accurately, type them on a computer screen. HOW ABSOLUTELY MADDENING IS THAT?!

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Last Stop: Validation Station

I wish I could’ve told sixteen-year-old me, “if you thought feelings of anonymity were bad when you were an angsty teenager with a persecution complex, just wait until your 20s.”

I attended a large university here in Canada that I both loved and loathed for various reasons. We don’t have the ranking system that distinguishes Ivy League institutions from state schools like in the States, but like all post-secondary institutions, each one has a reputation. Continue reading

Death and Taxes

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

— Benjamin Franklin

I’m sure many people are familiar with this quote. Why? Because like most idioms, it is largely based in fact or speaks to a larger, maybe even universal, human experience.

For all you folks in North America, there is one season even more dreadful than the insanity between American Thanksgiving and Christmas (or just Christmas for us Canadians over here. Our Thanksgiving is in October) and that is tax season. Be it the IRS or the CRA collecting, tax season leaves most of us feeling a little rubbed raw. If we were sows, and the IRS and CRA were our greedy little piglets, our teats would be so dry and chapped from all the excessive suckling going on. Mercifully, we are not pigs.

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Good Old Fashioned Decision Paralysis

I decided I was going to write a blog. Why? On more than one occasion (usually following an anxiety-ridden rant about my #firstworldproblems), friends have suggested I start writing a blog. At first, I was flattered. Wow, my problems are resonating with people or, at the very least, they think I’m worth listening to. 

But it never occurred to me to ask why they thought I should write a blog.

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