What is writing? Writing is hard.

Here’s a catch 22 for you: describe writing. I want to say that it’s difficult, but the term ‘difficult’ doesn’t seem to accurately represent how challenging it is to come up with a compelling idea, to craft an engaging plot with dynamic characters, and to put that story into words. I struggle to find the words to write words down on paper or, more accurately, type them on a computer screen. HOW ABSOLUTELY MADDENING IS THAT?!

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Good Old Fashioned Decision Paralysis

I decided I was going to write a blog. Why? On more than one occasion (usually following an anxiety-ridden rant about my #firstworldproblems), friends have suggested I start writing a blog. At first, I was flattered. Wow, my problems are resonating with people or, at the very least, they think I’m worth listening to. 

But it never occurred to me to ask why they thought I should write a blog.

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